Buig Centrale Steenbergen stands out from its competitors as a result of its high quality products, flexibility and continuity. The NEN-EN-ISO 9001 - 2015 certificate granted to the company shows that the organisational, technical and administrative aspects of its direct and indirect processes meet the requirements of this standard.

Buig Centrale Steenbergen B.V. manufactures reinforcing steel structures which have to meet high technical specifications for the Dutch market. The processes concerning the production of these reinforcing steel structures are continually checked and monitored. To this end, Buig Centrale Steenbergen B.V. delivers reinforcing steel structures in accordance with a KIWA KOMO certificate. BCS holds Komo-certificates for both its production sites in Hoogeveen (K7230) and in Veenoord (K91550).

DIN EN ISO 17660-1
Buig Centrale Steenbergen B.V. is DIN EN ISO 17660-1 certified, indicating that it meets the requirements of the German market. The production process and qualified welders are tested periodically by GSI SLV Duisburg.

The delivery of reinforcing steel structures in Belgium takes place in accordance with the Benor certificate. Buig Centrale Steenbergen B.V. is both a distributor of Benor products and a manufacturer of reinforcement products.